The customer's wishes:

The renewal of the website at the time which would captivate people from abroad currently traveling in, or thinking of traveling in Japan.
To do this, a professional company and partner well-versed in the relay of information to the international community like SKword was essential to the customer.
And that's what brought the customer to SKword. Now it was time to get the project started.

What we did:

First, we conducted competitive research on mainstream rental car agencies around the world.
Next came translation. Utilizing the expertise we have gained through the years, we created a glossary of terminology used within the rental car industry, and created translations with the highest degree of unification among their wording.
We provided a variety of translations not only for the website, but also for pamphlets, manuals, and more.
We were proud to be able to help spread TOYOTA Rent a Car's name overseas, and delivered an unshakable quality in every aspect of the project.

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