The customer's wishes:

To spread our message via the different mediums of website and pamphlet.

What we did:

An illustrated introduction to Aichi's agriculture, forestry and fisheries through the use of a map
To show the diverse products of Aichi in a way that would be easy to understand, we placed illustrations on a map of Aichi and categorized it into 4 areas (the Owari plains, Mikawa plains, mountainous areas, and ocean), showing the big picture of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries Aichi is blessed with.

The additional creation of a website
We effectively made use of the pamphlets' data, turning it into a website with a suitable layout. The conveyance of information was made further possible by putting it into the two mediums of pamphlet and website. One-stop service providing the transformation of one body of information into pamphlets and a website translated into multiple languages in just a short time—this is the caliber of service only SKword can provide.

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