From all the languages of the world to Japanese; and from English to all the languages of the world. We meet the demands of diverse translations.

Translation Coordination

The quality of SKword's translations is backed by the experience and ability of our in-house translation coordinators and proofreaders. Connected to a worldwide network of translators, they constantly do their utmost to obtain only the highest level of quality with the translations we handle.
With an extensive knowledge of Japan, our company places enormous importance on subtle nuances in its Japanese translations from other languages, and delivers translations with only the most suitable Japanese expressions.
We also offer our expertise in translations from Japanese into Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.


Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional characters), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Malay, Burmese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, as well as 30 other languages.

CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) Tools

Our company handles a large number of technical manuals. To meet the need for standardization of terminology and effectiveness in these projects, we make use of the dominant CAT tool, Trados.

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