Privacy Policy

Our company realizes that strict observance of safe personal information management is one of its important social responsibilities, and regards the protection of privacy as one of its top business priorities.
In order to fully enforce this, our company has established the privacy policy below, to which our employees and executives adhere, and we endeavor to properly handle and manage personal information.

  1. No collection or use of personal information is done by our company without agreement and permission from the individual(s) to whom it belongs.
    Even when consent is obtained, we only use the personal information within the scope of consent obtained, and do not provide the personal information to a third party without authorization to do so.
  2. Our company takes preventive and remedial measures regarding unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information in its possession.
    We safely and accurately manage personal information and endeavor to prevent problems such as unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information by enforcing ID/password management; complete obeyance of rules regarding the saving, management, and disposal of personal information; setting up firewalls; access log monitoring; restrictions to and management of access to our server; management of access to our office by visitors; etc.
  3. Our company endeavors to observe the various laws and regulations as well as its own company regulations related to personal information.
    When conducting work in which personal information is handled, along with abiding by the "Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection (JIS Q 15001)," we endeavor to act in accordance with our own penal regulations.
  4. Corresponding to current and future trends, our company conducts reexaminations of the "compliance program" it has formulated and makes improvements as required.
    We have established a company compliance program to practice the observance of personal information protection, and in addition to thoroughly educating concerned staff and executives, we periodically reexamine it and have primarily those in charge of personal information management make improvements in correspondence with current and future trends.
  5. Our company conducts periodic inspections.
    We conduct periodic inspections in regard to the implementation of points (1), (2), (3), and (4) above, and rectify any problems that arise.

Work using personal information that is done at our company
We handle personal information at our company in the following types of work which we receive from our customer companies.

  • Creation of desktop publishing data used in various lists of names
  • Outsourced input of various data
  • Work related to personal information processing and editing, etc.

Inquiries regarding the protection of personal information
Ask for the person in charge of personal information management

Protection of information on other sites
Our company does not bear any responsibility regarding the protection of customers' personal information listed on other websites that are linked to our webpage.

Established February 1, 2002
Keisuke Kato, President and CEO