What is "Trans+Creation?"

We hold words as the most important factor in our expressive ability and our ability to relay your message. So, our localization work starts from translation. However, the difference between countries is not merely their languages, but their cultures and ways of thinking cultivated by long histories, as well as their preferences in things like taste and color. We take this to heart with our translations as these differences are woven together with words, creating the fabric of language. We believe that a sense of creativity needs to be added to language in order to express feelings with words.

Communication Hub

Japan is a leading market in the world, boasting over 100 million of its population. If you are from overseas and are considering selling a product in Japan, the starting point is communication with
its people—and as a Japanese company, we know Japan inside and out.
You have a brilliant product; and we have the optimal wording to communicate that brilliance to the people of Japan. In addition, we can even communicate it by localizing it into other Asian languages. We believe our role as a company is to be this sort of hub for communication.

Multilingual × Multimedia

What separates us from other translation companies is that we don't stop at just localizing language. Communication technology, including the internet as well as various devices and services, is evolving day by day. Information is sent around the world, making its way to the recipient in a fraction of a second. Well-versed in all forms of media, we are able to provide you with the appropriate degree of artistry through the mediums of websites, social media, printing, and video.

Project Management

We work on projects having organized them to the client's details and demands. Take the multilingualization of a website for example: we structure a team by assigning a head project leader to bring all aspects of the project together, a translation director to manage the languages to be used, a web director, design director, and in cases of large-scale productions, add in an IT engineer. With this kind of project, we manage its progress using the global standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), and together with pursuing an effective and high-quality end product, we also strive to reduce any chance of risk.

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